Ultimele jocuri cu Barbie 6 Mai 2014 la Barbie-Jocuri.com

Princess And Baby Hairstyle Princess And Baby Hairstyle
Princess Catherine came again to your royal hair salon. Look, she brought her daughter Sandra for the first time!
Nail Studio - Candy Design Nail Studio – Candy Design
This is the perfect nail game for all the fans of Candy Crush! You can decorate the nails with all sorts of candy items, prints and col…
Baby Frozen Bathing Baby Frozen Bathing
Have you ever imagined how Queen Elsa of Arrendale looked as a baby? Well here she is! Meet baby Elsa.
Beautiful Train Crew Beautiful Train Crew
Emma is a beautiful girl who works as a train crew. Today is her first day to work on the train.
Baby Cinderella Shower Baby Cinderella Shower
We have a new amazing game for you in which you will meet baby Cinderella and help her get ready for the ball.
Pizza Cupcakes Pizza Cupcakes
This lovely chef has invited her closest friends over to watch the playoffs, and she can’t wait to cheer for her favorite team alongsid…
Dora McDonald's Hamburger Dora McDonald’s Hamburger
Dora and her friends have been playing in the park all day and are finally ready to take a break. After a long day of adventuring, Dora…
Glen Dental Care Glen Dental Care
Little Glen got into trouble again. This time his teeth must suffer for the cute baby’s mischief. Sweets are like magnets to children.
Tango Lover Tango Lover
Michelle is a professional ballroom dancer and a tango lover. She started dancing since childhood and she competed in lots of Latin and…
Baby Seven Dental Care Baby Seven Dental Care
Baby Seven seems very sad because of a terrible toothache. Her teeth are badly damaged and she must go to see the dentist.
Miley Cyrus Style Haircut Miley Cyrus Style Haircut
Do you like Miley’s current hairstyle? It’s a top trend now! And in this game you’ll know how to get a hairstyle like that.
Floral Manicure Decoration Floral Manicure Decoration
I adore nail art! Every four weeks I go to my nail salon and show my nail artist lots of ideas I have gathered from off the internet, …
Cute Princess Bride Cute Princess Bride
Dress up our doll in a classic white fairytale bride gown and turn her into the princess of the wedding.
White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake
It’s dessert time, ladies! Today we are going to learn how to prepare my all-time favorite dessert recipe. The combination of fresh ber…
Pizza Capricciosa Pizza Capricciosa
Pizza is a delicious meal that is enjoyed by food-lovers all over the world. Today, you’re going to learn a traditional recipe for capr…
Make Chocolate Profiteroles Make Chocolate Profiteroles
rofiteroles are a classic French dessert which has a flakey pastry outside and creamy filling like whipped cream, custard, or even ice …

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