Ultimele jocuri cu Barbie 14 mai

Ultimele jocuri

Kids Cupcake Bar Kids Cupcake Bar
One of the most delicious desserts in the world are cupcakes! And the biggest fans of this tasty dessert are, of course, children. You …
Patrick Tooth Problem Patrick Tooth Problem
Patrick has some trouble with her teeth these days. Can you help him get his teeth back to a perfect state?
Baby Lisa at the Doctor Baby Lisa at the Doctor
Lisa fell from a swing straight into a bush of thistles. She is in pain, please help her! Heal her wounds and give her an injection.
Fashion Child Star Fashion Child Star
Dress a fashion child star for a big event.
The Cake Girl The Cake Girl
This cutie is a big expert in cake making and tonight she is taking part in a TV show for dessert chefs! Help her look perfect in front…
Glam Beauty Salon Glam Beauty Salon
This makeover beauty game allows you to easily give your customers an all round makeover treatment with make-up, a manicure, a pedicure…
Frozen Annas Makeup Frozen Annas Makeup
Anna is finally out of the castle gates and is loving her new found freedom! She\’s going out with a handsome prince tonight and she’s …
Pin-up Mermaid Doll Creator Pin-up Mermaid Doll Creator
We have a new doll creator game for you. The character is a mermaid this time and to challenge is to dress her up in a pin-up style. Th…
Homemade Spaghetti Homemade Spaghetti
Hello girls! I have a fabulous homemade spaghetti recipe which I want to share with you. Are you ready to have fun while cooking a supe…
Cedar Wood Hair and Facial Cedar Wood Hair and Facial
It’s Monday morning and Cedar Wood is preparing for a new school week. The Ever After High student just had her shower and she is about…
Fashion Studio Popstar Outfit Fashion Studio Popstar Outfit
A famous popstar has come to your fashion studio to have her Grammy Awards outfit done. She wants a spectacular and elegant red carpet …
Barbie Mother's Day Card Barbie Mother’s Day Card
It is Mother’s Day and Barbie is preparing a surprise home party for her mom. She bought a nice present from the shopping center. She e…
Gourmet Kitchen Pot Cake Gourmet Kitchen Pot Cake
Is it just a flower pot? Oh no, it’s a creative and delicious cake – pot cake! This unusual cake will make every party very special! Wa…
Bertina Girl Dressup Bertina Girl Dressup
Bertina needs your help in her beauty transformation because she want to go out with her boyfriend. Help her and have fun!

Job Interview Job Interview
This teen has just graduated and can’t wait to get her first job. But first she needs to ace the interview to impress her potential new…
Talking Tom After Injury Talking Tom After Injury
Tom was spending the day having with Angela. But unfortunately, Tom fell down from a tree and got injured. You always wanted to become …

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