Pentru copii jocuri noi 15 Mai la JocuriFera!

Ultimele Jocuri adaugate la Jocuri Fera

Mario Running Adventure Mario Running Adventure
It’s time for Mario to get back home after successfully retrieving the five magic stars that were stolen from his kingdom by the evil m…
jocuri mario
Police Run Police Run
Make a run for it as you prove the police run is a fun engaging adventure spree, that allows you to break speeds in the police car. Get…
jocuri masini
Best tractor driver Best tractor driver
Prove you’re the best driver of the tractor 4×4 and at the same time improve their driving skills on our exciting new game. Your goal i…
jocuri condus
Motocross zombie atomic Motocross zombie atomic
There is a new fear competition, called Atomic Zombie Motocross brave where all participating zombies to prove they are the best driver…
jocuri motociclete
My Blue Wardrobe 4 My Blue Wardrobe 4
This cute couple’s love for the color blue is indefinite! chloe loves it because it reminds her of the ocean!
jocuri dress up
Super Proong Jumper Super Proong Jumper
Avoid the enemies and collect all the Diamonds to open the Magic Portal. Arrow keys – To move. Space bar – Jump.
jocuri diverse
Tango Lover Tango Lover
Feel the passion and join us for a tango dance. Play this game and create a charming look for a tango dancer. Choose from a variety of …
jocuri dress up
Snaktris Snaktris
In this snake game you need to collect green squares to grow your snake even longer! Collect all the squares and return to your home be…
jocuri distractive
Fruit Defense 2 Fruit Defense 2
Defend your village from the pest invasions in 100 days. Battle 10 bosses and a super boss. Use more than 50 tools, items, upgrades and…
jocuri actiune
Once in the Cave Once in the Cave
Explore the retro style platform world as you transform into a wondering wizard on a quest to save the magic kingdom in this RPG fantas…
jocuri aventura

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