Cursa de masini in 90 de secunde – Jocuri cu masini

Completeaza cursa in 90 de secunde, trebuie sa fii foarte precis, jocuri masini….


Masini drifturi si viteza – Jocuri cu masini la Jocuri100

Masini drifturi si viteza este un joc din categoria jocurilor de masini in care vom putea conduce o super masina de mare viteza pe o autostrada…. un joc foarte tare pentru iubitorii acestor jocuri.

Video series debut: The Story Behind the Numbers

Family Inequality

The wonderful animators at Kiss Me I’m Polish, who did the design and graphics for my book The Family, are producing short videos based on an infographic series in the text called The Story Behind the Numbers. These are less than 2 minutes long and use just a few numbers, intended to spur reflection and discussion in conjunction with the details in the book, with narration by me.

The first one is available now. From chapter 7, „Love and Romantic Relationships,” we have a one-minute animation called, „Race and ethnicity divides college students’ dating lives.” In the book I took numbers from Elizabeth Aura McClintock’s 2010 paper in Journal of Marriage and Family and reported on the relative frequency of within-race/ethnicity dating among students at Stanford University. It’s fascinating to me how strong the matching is in such an elite setting, where you might expect gradations of social status to matter less.


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Global Warming, Climate Change

Open Mind

It seems to me that Roger Pielke Jr. is now persona non grata at Nate Silver’s 538 blog. Silver, whose statistics-based predictions of the last presidential election were stunningly accurate, hoped to capitalize on his celebrity by starting a blog which would present interesting and sometimes important posts which were based on competent analysis of actual data. What a concept! Unfortunately for Silver (in my opinion), he failed miserably when choosing Pielke as his point-man for the global warming/climate change issue. Many of us noted the kerfuffle which followed Pielke’s first foray, with Silver himself admitting publicly that it wasn’t up to the standard he hoped to set.

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